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Kickstarter Products Designers Will Love

It is too soon to talk about Christmas presents, but sometimes it’s good to plan ahead. The Kickstarter program is the place where designers’ ideas can thrive. You can either submit a project and wait

It’s UltraWide Time!

[embedded content] (The UltraWide Time of Alan Walker – LG UltraWide Festival 2018) For all you creators out there! LG understands there’s more to the final output. There’s also the “process.” All the hours spent

KINDRED STUDIO Makes Us Feel Nostalgic for Vintage Art

You have to allow yourself to fail in order to become successful. You have to be brave and think outside the box. When Plan A doesn’t’ work, B is just another letter. Kindred Studio was

The History of the Adidas Logo

The story of Adidas is a long and interesting one. Adolf and Rudolf Dassler became the best shoe makers in Germany, and then internationally during Nazism. The Adidas Logo is recognized world-wide and today we’ll find

Ugly Location Photoshoot Challenge

A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I

What Happens When 18 Countries Photoshop One Woman Based On Their Beauty Standards

A few years ago, Journalist Esther Honig published a viral series of images showing how different countries around the world would retouch a portrait of a woman according to their beauty standards. This is the original portrait

When Designers Photoshop Food Into Landmarks

There are plenty of places you should write down on your bucket list if you are a travel buff. The Pisa Tower, the Brazilian Statue of Jesus, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, and many

Top 8 WordPress themes for business websites – pick your perfect match!

A website can be a powerful marketing tool for a business, whether the business is large or small. WordPress provides an extremely effective way to build just such a website. But creating one for a

Font of the Week #9: Milkstore

Here on Webdesignledger, we like to show our readers the best content we have to offer. Often times, showcasing the best is as simple as writing about what we like, and today is no exception.

Picular – The Search Engine for Colors

Do you know those projects where you just can’t find the right color? Those are the worst. The blue is not sky-like enough, the orange is too peachy, and the yellow is, well… too yellow.