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Looking For The 10 Best WordPress Themes? Here’s Our List

Upgrading your website-building resources and capabilities happens to be one of your New Year’s resolutions? If you are using WordPress, the world’s leading website-building platform you’ve come to a good place. If you’ve been using

15 Best Page Builders For WordPress Developers To Consider

If you want to build new pages on your WordPress website or maybe even personalize a framework theme from scratch, these page builders for WordPress will help you do just that without having to know

Top 9 WordPress Plugins (2022 edition)

WordPress powers more than 42% of the web, making it by far the world’s most popular website platform. This platform has the tools needed to build any type of website. They include themes that serve


12 Amazing Branding Tips for Freelancers to Earn More

The world is quickly shifting to a freelance economy. The pandemic has further fueled the “gig” economy by boosting the concept of remote working. According to Statista, there are around 67.6 million freelancers in the


The Best WordPress Plugin List to Consider in 2022

WordPress’s powerful functions and features have made it the most popular website platform on the market. A multiplicity of WordPress themes has only added to this popularity. The more than 42,000 useful WordPress plugins have

10 Great WordPress Themes to Use in 2022

The online world keeps growing and growing. Nearly exponentially it seems. A thousand or so new websites appear on a daily basis. More and more shoppers are relying on handheld devices to purchase products or


12 Amazing Logo Design Trends of 2022

The significance of a brands Logo has been there since the inception of the concept of branding. With the rise in digital marketing, logos have become all the more important by becoming the brand’s visual


18 Highly Useful Medical Illustrations For Designers

The COVID19 pandemic has brought the medical field to the forefront of our minds. As a result, more and more awareness is displayed through digital media and at times acknowledging the importance of medical professionals


12 Adobe Photoshop Tips & Tricks For Beginners With Images

Photoshop is a very powerful tool if you know all its features and understand how to effectively use them. However, that’s not realistic at the start for newcomers to Adobe Photoshop. This blog post is


Top 10 Powerful Web Design Tools And Resources of 2021

The way people are approaching design is rapidly changing thanks to the advent of online-based design tools and resources. Not so long ago, there was a time when designing was possible only through a few