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Top 6 productivity apps for design teams – pick your perfect match!

          Along with the rest of the world, we tend to be obsessed with productivity. We want to produce more in less time. We want to do so without negatively affecting the quality of our

10 extremely useful tools for a web design company

The web design world and the online jungle are changing daily. To cope with change and keep us at the top of our game, adaptability is needed. Learning to use the latest tools, always looking


How much will it cost to build a good site? This is an important question, especially for companies wishing to expand their presence online. The problem is the hidden costs. Very few people consider all the factors contributing

Do you know the difference between branding and brand refresh?

A more and more common mistake, even in areas of specialized activity, is the confusion between “rebranding” and “brand refresh“. Many business owners say they want a “rebranding” for their business when they actually want

The unofficial Pantone color of the year 2020

Every year in December, Pantone, a color categorizing company, nominates their color of the year. Typically speaking, these colors are meant to represent something significant going on in the world. But the Pantone color of

15 Stunning Examples of What You Need to See in a One-Page Website Design

5 Critical Elements that Can Make or Break Your Design At first glance, designing a one-page website would seem to be intuitively easy. Especially, when compared to building a multi-pager. Designing one page takes one-third

Is Your Web Design SEO Workflow Optimized?

Search engine optimization projects can be very complex, from ​SEO audits​ to content development. Having an optimized strategy on how to approach SEO for web designers not only ensures your design team has clear project

10 WordPress plugins you need to try (You’re welcome!)

The cool thing about plugins is that most of them either make something easier, make it better or both. They do so by extending the functionality of software programs. This is why they’re sometimes referred


The most modern way to promote your business is through “social media” online marketing. Why would you choose this way to advertise your website? Simple! Because more and more people are using the internet today. From social media to

6 Web Design Problems That Could Make Your Clients Cringe

It’s happened to all of us at least once in our lives. You load up a website and click out of it as fast as your clicks will allow. It’s usually because of a bad