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The Purpose of Shapes in Design

When designing, all the visual components are essential for the public to have an accurate perception of what we want to show them. People do not usually notice, but they react differently to visual objects,

10 Best WordPress Templates for Restaurants in 2019

To this day, there is tough competition between restaurants, and it is difficult to prosper in this type of business. Implementing effective marketing strategies is essential to success. One of the most efficient ways to

6 Tips to Improve Your Designing Skills

With summer almost in full swing, it’s pretty normal to take time to relax and enjoy the inviting climate. During this time, it’s also pretty common to reflect on your life, and more specifically, your

How many of these website building tools could make your work easier?

Website builders are having a lot more fun these days. This is thanks to the new technologies they’re able to tap. These technologies enable them to create websites that are more attractive. They feature better

7 Free Tools to Choose Colors for Your Projects

As web designers, one of the most decisive steps is the choice of colors in our projects. And if it is for our personal website, that statement rings even truer. According to the color we

Greatest 20 Domain Name Generators

Domain access_time August 31, 2020 hourglass_empty 7min Read person_outline Ananda Should you be planning on launching a website or blog, you need a suitable domain name to go from it. Coming up with good domain

7 New Banks of Free and Original Images

When talking about image banks, there’s not always something new to add. Sure, there are plenty of good ones out there, but they really haven’t changed as of recently, and we certainly haven’t seen any

8 Typography Trends in 2019

Each year, trends change. That statement doesn’t change, no matter what industry you’re in. For designers, this statement is extra important because design trends of any kind are what draw the people in. So, whether

6 Questions to Ask Before Picking an eCommerce Platform

Behind every successful ecommerce website is an ecommerce platform that makes it possible for the business to manage content, promotions, profiles, shopping carts, orders, inventory and fulfillment. There are many on the market today to

8 Logo Trends in 2019

With so many new brands, it is increasingly difficult to design a logo that draws attention and stands out from others. The trends are changing and if we do not want to fall behind, we