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How do you evaluate the quality of a project in graphics?

How do you understand when a graphics project is effective? When it’s nice or ugly? Should it be “cute”? Should it be “fashionable”? In short: how do you assess the quality of a project? In

How to use grids in graphic design

Do you want to know the best way to set up any graphic design? How about one of the most useful concepts of all graphic design? In short, do you want to understand how to

What is a Font? The Complete Guide for Typography Designers

What is a font? And how are fonts used? How can you create quality typographic projects, using the best characters? This article aims to be the answer to these and many other questions that many

Rediscover creativity: 3 ways to do it right

How do you find creativity in moments when it seems impossible to create something? How do you find inspiration to do something? This is a question that a designer asks over and over again. Especially

How to Recognize a Quality Font

To understand when a typeface is of good quality and well designed, we must first understand that within type design, or font design, there are innumerable technical aspects to consider, which contribute to the final

All You Need to Know About Kerning in Typography

  In order for messages to be clearly transmitted, many factors play an important role. Depending on the type of communication, factors such as stuttering, poor grammar, bad alignment of letters, incorrect use of punctuation

Does a logo need to work in black and white?

Designers who design logos over time have always known that a logo must work in black and white to be effective. If it doesn’t work in black and white, it doesn’t work one hundred percent.

How to Become a Great Graphic Designer

Have you decided that you wanted to be a graphic designer, but you do not want to start a faculty in the field? Maybe you already have a job and you do not have the

8 Things Every Designer Needs

Every profession, be it a designer, an architect or a cook, has its own set of necessary tools. But what are the most important tools for a graphic designer? What does a graphic designer use

Create a custom logo from scratch (Part 2)

Yesterday we started off a guide to creating a custom logo from scratch. We are excited to continue our journey today with more super useful tips. Off we go! Use symbols to create custom logos