10 Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers

The world of website development has reached a highly matured state, and now people are starting to face a problem of plenty in all aspects. There are so many options for website platforms starting from WordPress to Shopify to simple Wix websites.

For designing the website, there are almost over a million themes available on the internet today. In addition, there are thousands of integrations and plugins available in the market that facilitate modern functions and make the website more functional. Even for buying domains and hosting your website, many good options have opened up.

A few years back, a robust website hosting company’s options were limited to just a couple of big players. But today, that world has expanded a lot, and many new players have entered the market offering cutting edge features to outcompete each other. While this is good for designers as they get more options, they face the problem of selecting the right website hosting company as each brand speaks highly of itself and throws technical jargon at the customers to sell their products. To help you in the task of selecting the right website hosting company, we have compiled a solid list of the ten best website hosting companies for designers:

FASTDOT website hosting solutions offers the most enterprise cloud hosting platform for the websites. It can offer one of the fastest, most reliable hostings with robust customer support even at low costs. Mirroring your data at multiple locations makes hosting geo-redundant, ensuring more reliability and no maintenance downtime – a unique feature compared to its competitors.

Its basic plan includes unlimited websites, unlimited storage, databases and professional email. With this, it is also offering freebies like a free domain, SSL certificate. It also offers the industry-standard 30-day money-back guarantee and amicable 24×7 support for all plans. Its versatility, high reliability and low cost make it the best choice for website developers.

Summary: FASTDOT website hosting is super fast, has 99.9% uptime, a solid 24×7 support along with lots of freebies.  No wonder it is rising to become the most preferred website hosting solution for standard websites. 

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Bluehost

Powering over two million websites across the globe, Bluehost is one of the largest website hosting providers in the world. It can cater to any type of hosting requirements starting from simple WordPress blogs to E-commerce to large enterprise websites. Its basic shared hosting plan starts from $2.75/month, and the WordPress plan one can get at $2.00/month. The plans are good for the money as they come along with a variety of options and also CPanel access for expert designers.

Bluehost has now even come up with its own website building services. Offering over 300 templates, you can quickly create a website using the drag and drop builder, stock images and other integration options. However, what makes Bluehost a bit costly is the absence of a monthly package. You have to pay for the entire year, and that can become too big a commitment. Also, its customer support is not up to the mark given its wide user base. Finally, professional developers would find their hands tied as Bluehost does not allow you to tweak its advanced server settings.

Summary: Bluehost offers a power pack bundle of website hosting and building options. But this comes with long commitments and limited configuration options, which will be a disadvantage to professional website designers.

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Domain.com

As the name suggests, Domain.com is a market leader when it comes to buying domain names. But since a few years, it has started focussing on providing website hosting solutions as well. This combination is always preferred as your domain and website hosting can be at the same place. When it comes to the hosting plans, it is quite generous as it offers unlimited storage and scalable bandwidth even with the basic plan that starts at $3.75/month. It also provides a free SSL certificate by Let’s Encrypt, which is a big plus for website designers.

Domain.com does really well compared to its competitors when it comes to customer support. Its 24/7 live chat support ensures requisite handholding for designers. Its e-commerce plan is loaded with a lot of features. But just like Bluehost, it also does not provide any monthly billing option. Because it is relatively new to this space, it is not able to offer a wide product range. The biggest drawback of domain.com is that it does not provide a cPanel option, and this will irritate all website designers.

Summary: Domain.com offers better value for money packages if website designers are looking for simple website hosting options with good customer support. But because it does not provide a variety of products and cPanel options, it does not fare well with designers looking for customizable solutions.  

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Hostgator

One of the oldest and widely spread hosting services, Hostgator has earned a good reputation over the years of its operation. Its shared hosting service is the one that is widely used because of its return for money value, reliability and 99.9% uptime. The Hatchling subscription plan is also attractive as it offers unmetered bandwidth, free WordPress/cPanel website transfer, and a free SSL certificate.

Apart from the above, it also has set up other good plans and offers website building services. It allows a 45-back money guarantee offer and freebies like one domain per year, free transfers to new accounts, and a very robust 24×7 support system. However, it misses out on some basic features like the availability of CDN, free backup tool and its dedicated server plans are quite costly.

Summary: Hostgator seems attractive at the start given its features of free migration, good support system, cPanel access and money-back guarantees. But for bigger websites, the plans get costly, and the absence of common features like CDN, free backup and others makes it lose out to competitors. 

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: GreenGeeks

GreenGeeks is the world’s number one green energy web hosting provider and therefore needs to be mentioned in the list. The company claims that for every 1 unit of energy that it utilizes to power the servers, it invests three times to build renewable energy through Bonneville Environmental Foundation. This makes this hosting service not just carbon-neutral but also carbon-reducing.

It has a powerful sharing plan that offers unlimited websites, emails, databases, bandwidth, a free domain, and an SSL certificate. It also offers CDN, every night back features, and has a seasoned support team as well. But apart from that, GreenGeeks fails to impress the website hosting front as it has limited plans and products. Also, the packages come with a long commitment as its basic plan starts at $2.49/month, provided you pay three months upfront.

Summary: GreenGeeks – an eco-friendly website hosting service is for those who really care for the environment and are ready to compromise on the quality of the hosting and also pay a bit extra for saving the earth. 

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Hostinger

One of the formidable forces in the web hosting space, Hostinger provides one of the best cloud hosting services with high speed and affordable packages. All of its plans come along with freebies like free domain, SSL certificate, daily back-ups, Google Ad credits and allow the user to host up to 300 websites. In addition, while it provides the standard c-Panel, it also gives the option of using h-panel a customized backend that gives the developers more advanced options.

WordPress users highly prefer Hostinger as it is simple to use and set up. The plans it offers are affordable, and the 24/7 chat support is a big plus. The downside is that there is no phone support. Also, the bigger problem is that there is no dedicated hosting plan if you want a better, safer and faster server for your website. Also, standard features like daily backups, CDN, SSH access are offered only in premium plans.

Summary: Hostinger has been attracting newbie website developers with its high value for money shared hosting plans. But the lack of a dedicated server and other advanced features makes the developers think twice before choosing Hostinger for important websites.  

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: DreamHost

Dreamhost has over 20 years of experience in the website hosting market and has matured with a large scale of products and services. It offers WordPress, Cloud and also dedicated hosting plans. An interesting feature that it offers is email hosting in case you need to just house your emails with a set domain. This feature boasts of a good spam filter as well.

Unlike other hosting companies, Dreamhost offers a 97-day money-back guarantee. In addition, all its plans offer unlimited bandwidth and come with varied freebies as well. But Dreamhost loses out on lapses like the absence of a server location option or the unavailability of windows hosting. Also, users need to pay extra for emails if they are choosing the starter pack.

Summary: Dreamhost showcases its 20 years of experience by offering tailored products that are a good mix of economy and reliability, and its email hosting option is a good catch. On the other side, as a user, you are bound to get confused with multiple options, and hence you need to be careful not to miss out on any essential needs.

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Liquid Web

A premium and bespoke hosting service, Liquid Web is a highly underrated website hosting provider. Focusing on walking the extra mile, all its plans offer a lot more than what you can ask for. It offers all kinds of products starting from email hosting, WordPress, Woocommerce, dedicated hosting, and cloud services. One example of its premium services is that it handles all the plugin updates separately, ensuring that nothing wrong happens with the website when it updates WordPress.

Its premium services are again reflected in its 24/7 customer support and 100% uptime guarantee. But all this comes at a very high cost. All its packages are way too costly compared to the competitors. Also, it does not offer shared hosting. In the absence of free trials, it is hard for new customers to be convinced about its services.

Summary: A highly premium website hosting service, Liquid Web delivers more than what is expected from its plans. It is best suited for conglomerates who do not mind spending extra for tailored services. For normal websites, the plans will come across as expensive.

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: Hostwinds

A lesser-known but robust website hosting service is Hostwinds. Its dedicated hosting plan is good enough to pack a punch with the best in the sector. It has given a lot of focus to this plan by providing an array of server locations, 1 Gbps bandwidth link, full server management features and a lot more. This makes it idle for hosting gaming servers or other heavy-duty applications.

Hostwinds accepts cryptocurrency as payment which makes it stand out from its competitors. Also, its support website provides a lot of knowledge-based articles that can help increase your knowledge in this domain. But that can also intimidate beginner designers. Moreover, it does not offer any managed WordPress hosting, and configuring your own server along with choosing the right set of features might be a tough task as well.

Summary: Hostwinds is only for the grown-ups! Its dedicated server plans are a super hit for heavy load applications. But for routine websites, it does not have much to offer and may come across as expensive and complicated.

Best Website Hosting Companies for Designers: WP Engine

Contrary to Hostwinds, WP Engine is a master in offering managed WordPress hosting. As the name suggests, it truly powers a strong WordPress ecosystem that can help you set up and manage all the aspects of your WordPress website. It just doesn’t stop here; rather, it prides itself in doing all the back work for your website while you can rest in peace and focus on the other aspects of your business. Along with the wide range of products, it offers robust customer support.

The downside of WP Engine is that it charges exorbitantly for this. Its basic plans are almost three times the rates that other good website hosting companies are offering. No doubt it handles all the WordPress work for you, but still, the cost makes it hard to choose, especially for developers who are better equipped to carry out many tasks themselves and save money.

Summary: WP Engine is the one-stop solution for all your WordPress hosting needs as it provides the best in market services. But this comes at a very high cost. Therefore, it is only suitable for people with very little WordPress knowledge and can afford to spend extra on hosting. 

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