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Should you be planning on launching a website or blog, you need a suitable domain name to go from it. Coming up with good domain name ideas can be tricky. Luckily, you can use a reliable domain name generator for the job. In this article, you will find the best domain name generators for 2020.

What Is A Domain Name Generator?

The domain generator is an excellent tool that may give you a domain name ideas and suggestions based on the words that you type in.

A domain name will establish your brand in the long term. It needs to be catchy, short, easy to remember, and most important of all – available to make use of.

For example , you want your domain name to include the keywords “food”, “tasty”, and “cheap”. Let’s state you come up with -–it’s quite a common domain name and it’s could be too long to pronounce.

This is where a domain name generator will come in handy.

All you have to do is enter your keyword(s), after that choose your preferred TLD ( . com , . internet , . org , etc . ). The generator’s algorithm will come up with many alternatives you may use – by scrambling the words, adding a prefix, and so on.

Now, all you need to do is select the one you like. Consider these tips below that will help you choose the right domain name:

  1. Make it short – shorter domain will be faster to type and simpler to promote
  2. Select a suitable extension – aside from the popular ones, you can pick the one that suits your line of business or even your targetted area such as . store , . edu , . style , . photography , . london , . nyc and more
  3. Choose the the majority of catchy domain name – catchy names stick to the mind of your audience and they’re easy to remember
  4. No hyphen and numbers – when you pronounce your domain, the particular audience may confuse “0” with “zero” and they will land on “not found” page or even a website owned by other people

20 Best Domain Name Generators

List of the very best domain name generators to help you find a brand new domain name:

one Bust a Name

Bust A Name as one of the best domain name generators

Bust A Name is a straightforward domain name generator. Put your keywords, and it will reorder the words into a variety of brands. You can also opt for different extensions and three-word combinations.

Others features are including dropping the last vowel, pluralizing nouns, and the add-on of prefix, suffix, and hyphen.

Still not satisfied? Try its domain maker tool. It can generate domains that sound organic based on the word you input – either at the start or at the end.

2 . Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search as one of the best Domain Name Genarators

If you choose picking from thousands of domains, you are in the right place. While it only displays the ones with. com extension, the particular sheer number of results give you plenty of options to think about.

What is more, it also checks for Twitter username availability – two birds along with one stone!

3. Hostinger Domain Checker

Hostinger Domain Checker as one of the best domain name generators.

In addition to web hosting, Hostinger also offers you a domain checker feature. Merely input a domain name or key word that you like, and we’ll check the availability as well as providing other recommendations as alternatives. You can also see the price for each domain and purchase it straight.

Pro tip: Buy the shared hosting package for 12 months and get a domain name for free!

Other than the popular extensions, you are able to look for regional-based ones ( . co. uk , . co. jp , . jp. net , etc . ) and new top-level domains ( . online , . shop , . site , etc).

4. Zyro Domain Name Generator

Homepage of the Zyro Domain name generator

Looking for an easy to use platform to make your website and need to get a great website name? Zyro’s AI-powered domain name generator could be the solution for you. As the name implies, this domain name generator uses AI tech to provide users with domain name ideas based on the best naming methods in the industry.

Using the generator is incredibly easy – type in keywords related to your brand, click on the search icon next to the field, plus you’re ready to view the generated suggestions. Additionally , there’s an offer that allows you to claim a domain name completely free, if you opt for Zyro’s Pro plan.

5. Name Son

Name Boy as one of the best domain name generators.

As one of the oldest greatest domain name generators out there, you can’t make a mistake with Name Boy. You can put one or two keywords and it will spring out there domain name suggestions for you to pick from.

This tool adds relevant terms to your inputted keywords. If you still haven’t found one that you like, you can click “Show more results” for further catchy names.

6. Impossibility

Impracticality comes with many great features. It can take your own one keyword and spin this with verbs, adjectives, and nouns to make catchy domain names.

Even better, the results only show the unregistered. com domains. So , no need for manual checking.

7. Name Mesh

Name Mesh as one of the best domain name generators.

Name Mesh is a ruler of categories – all the answers are split based on what you need your area to be.

Need a fun-sounding domain? A short one? It’s every available here. It also has a devoted column for SEO-friendly domains, new TLDs, and even premium ones.

8. Domain Puzzler

There are four parts of domain name searching – easy, advanced, magic, and page rank.

You can put more than one keyword, but it will surely combine them into domain names with a wide variety of extensions of your choice.

9. Domains Robot

Domains Bot as one of the best domain name generators.

Get creative along with Domains Bot – a tool that gives you flexibility in your search for exclusive domain names.

Tinker with all the options to customize the results. It provides you 11 different languages and various available domain extensions. More on, you can choose to exclude hyphens, hide adult content, and pick which TLDs to display.

The TLDs available are all gTLDs, new TLDs, and various country-code TLDs.

ten. Name Smith

Name Smith as one of the best domain name generators.

You will feel right at home if you desire for innovative ways to look for domain names. Name Smith doesn’t just reorder your keywords. You can also blend them to make-up a catchy new word.

There are other unique features too – rhyming, modification, and incorporating affixes.

eleven. I Want My Name

"I Want My Name" as one of the best domain name generators.

If you enter a domain name, this particular domain name generator will check its availability while also suggesting options. You can also type in your keywords instead to see which TLDs haven’t been used.

From popular area extensions, country code, to new TLDs, “I Want My Name” provides them.

12. Wordoid

Wordoid as one of the best domain name generators.

Wordoid is another domain name generator that can provide you with made-up words as domain names. You may make it follow a set of rules from the languages you choose, set the quality level, and set the maximum length.

Other than that, you can place your keyword at the beginning, middle, and the end. That much freedom is great for choosing a perfect domain name.

13. Pana Bee

Pana Bee as one of the best domain name generators.

PanaBee works its magic to turn two phrases into a wide array of domain names.

You will see many kinds of modification in this domain name generator – changing the first letter, adding affixes, overlapping words, and so on. Besides domain names, Pana Bee will also check the availability with regard to mobile app names and most popular social media usernames.

With so many features it offers, you can rely on Pana Bee to come up with unique domain names.

14. Naque

Naque as one of the best domain name generators.

Do you know where the name Naque came from? They created it by mixing the words “name”, “create”, and “unique”. No surprise, that this domain name electrical generator creates unique sounding, creative domains.

But what if you might have don’t even know what keywords in order to enter either? That’s where Naque’s Word Mixer Seeds come in. Pick a category, and Naque will arbitrarily suggest a few words for you. Select up to five words and it will combine them into a few appealing made-up words.

fifteen. Dot-o-mator

Dot-o-mator as one of the best domain name generators.

Using Dot-o-mator is simple – pick the beginning of the word, pick the ending, click Combine, and you’re golden.

There is no limit to the number of phrases you can put. You can even choose from the particular available categories to generate random words for you. The result will show the available. com domains in alphabetical order. It’s a very convenient device for domain picking.

16. Domain Wheel

Domain Wheel as one of the best domain name generators.

This domain name generator provides you with 15 domain extensions – such as the new ones like . info and . blog .

With Domain Wheel, you can never ever run out of suggestions. It gives you other keyword alternatives based on the word you put in – the sounds, the rhymes, etc .

17. Cool Name Concepts

Cool Name Ideas as one of the best domain name generators.

In finding the right domain name, relevancy is key. Cool Name Ideas will give a line of query about your business or product. It will transform your given information into appropriate domain names.

eighteen. Domain Typer

Domain Typer as one of the best domain name generators.

Site Typer really lives up to the name – everything is done instantly as you type! You will see useful details right away – the availability for each expansion, the price, alternative domain names, etc . With a single click, you can even check if it is available on many popular social media.

What’s more, Domain Typer allows you to make an offer to whoever owns – your targeted domain name. Or, you can visit the WHOIS web page right from the interface just in case the owner contact is hidden.

Domain Typer is your go-to to get a seamless experience in picking a domain.

19. Domain Name Soup

Domain Name Soup as one of the best domain name generators.

Whether you’re looking for a great domain name or curently have one, a visit to Domain Name Soups won’t hurt.

They have many innovative features at its arsenal. You can specify the number of letters, combine and mangle words, and so on.

Take a spin on its best feature – Tasty Domain Names. It allows you to find a area where the extension is a part of the word such as delicio. all of us , inter. com , etc .

20. Instant Domain Search

Instant Domain Search as one of the best domain name generators.

Similar to Domain Typer, this seamless tool allows you to check related information in an instant.

Nevertheless , Instant Domain Search goes above that. It also checks for superior domains – the very valuable domains that can drive much more traffic to your site.


Refer to these tips in generating the domain name for maximum results.

  • Do research for most-targeted keywords in your business
  • Use the keywords that are relevant to one another – don’t mix the word “food” with “dirt” for example
  • The fight for catchy domain names could be fierce – grab one rapidly before it’s taken!
  • If the domain name you want isn’t offered, don’t forget to check other extensions too
  • If the domain name recommendations are not to your liking, be sure to check with various other tools

Selecting the right domain name will define your own brand – it’s only fair to take it seriously. We hope that our list can help you land on the greatest domain name you deserve.

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